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I wear many hats, and I love all of them. But strongest of all, my drive is in the digital world, in technology and design. The look and feel of the computers and technical solutions that surrounds us. Humans and computers. I love making technology accessible, simple, stunning and easy to use by clever design. And I also love to make digital stuff look neat and inspiring. A website, a logo or a poster. It’s my craft.


I know I’ve got a lot going on. I never managed to find one skill, one path, one pursuit – and stick to it. I’m to restless, hungry to learn more. I long to explore the world, to live an authentic life with a heart wide open. To build on my inner genius and my artist. I decided to do what brings me to life and follow my fascinations. This is what caused me to move from business consulting to tech, design and UX, and this is where I see my future. This is where my passion always been, but it took me years to dare to see it clearly and make the move.


I want to be part of bringing value and color, accessibility and diversity to an industry that I love. I’ve found my cause. But let’s not move ahead of things, on a daily basis I want to be part of creating great services and tools, and an organisational culture that steams of drive and passion. I love innovation, development and learning new tools, techniques and systems. I am a visionary and a nerd, a doer and a dreamer. My pace is fast and my will is strong. Let’s go!

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Buy my book

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Swedish speaker? Listen to our podcast

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Sometimes I write about it…

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  • A case for working from home

    Science says working from home makes people healthier, more productive and more satisfied with their employer. Science also says that people who can work from home sleep better, tend to stay longer at the same job and get more done than colleagues who spend all......

  • On the darkest day…

    It’s the darkest day of the year. The days are short and the nights are long. Nature is resting in silence, spring is still far away and there’s nothing to do but rest. The winter solstice marks the deepest winter, the cradle of the dark......

  • Pitch your visions not your history

    It’s been two weeks since I announced that I’m looking for new opportunities. Not specifically looking for a job, but a leap. A next level, a new step towards my dreams. And a job or a longer project seemed to be the best platform for......

  • My Manifesto

    I studied technology, mathematics and natural sciences until I was 19. That’s when you graduate from high school in Sweden. I loved maths, problem solving, physics and chemistry. I loved building stuff and figuring out new computer programs. But I also loved art, languages, reading......

  • Vanlife, 1st version: Subaru Outback in Australia (and a throwback)

    Ever looked at everything hashtagged #vanlife on Instagram and dreamed of your future home on wheels?   The concept started tempting me when I lived in Australia last year. That’s when I bought my first car (yes, EVER) and used for about half a year while......

  • This is so smart!

    As I am running my business, I’m constantly keeping an eye open for great ideas, smart tricks and inspiration from other businesses. Today I signed up for a webinar, without realising that it was going to be 2,5 hrs long. Thus, I ended up not......

  • List of websites for remote work

    I’ve been running into a lot of tips on where to find remote work. If you’re just considering nomad life, there is one decision you want to start with. Do you want to run your own company or work for someone else? The decision does......

  • In the Magazine!

    Look! The book I’m co-writing about how to stop self-sabotaging and create your dream life is in the magazine 🌟 “Books that move you – hot titles this spring”. It’s written in Swedish (the magazine – and the book), sorry about that non-swedish speakers. But......

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