Wisdom for the Wild

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Everything should have been perfect. She got the perfect job after her perfect education. Her evenings were filled with fun activities that she loved and hanging out with amazing friends. In fact, her life looked pretty awesome. Soon enough, she would get an even better position at work, earn more money, probably move to a bigger home and settle to get a family and a happily ever after.

Except for the fact that when she looked at where she was heading she didn’t even want it.

In fact, she’d rather run away with a traveling circus or take some random job at a sailing boat crossing the big seas than continue building “the perfect life”. And one day, she had enough. And she quit the job, bought a one way ticket to the other side of the globe, and went to live for what really matters. One and a half year later she is a digital nomad traveling the world and working with everything she loves. She is a multipassionate entrepreneur who finds freedom and passion in working in different fields and exploring different paths. Some of her work includes: graphic design, yoga teacher, website development, podcast host, writer, business developer, life coach, leadership educator, inspirational speaker and she is of course an adventurer climbing mountains and crossing oceans as much as possible.

This is a compilation of her insights from life, business and everything during her travels. It touches on most things human, from vulnerability and courage to the love of nature and traveling.

This book is for you who, wild hearted adventurer who long to leave a box that is too small for you. It’s time for you to play big, to act on your passions and go for your dreams. This book is to support you on your path out of the rat race and into the wild, free world of authenticity and real wild wonders.


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