I was born an adventurer. I always craved for the life of heros and explorers, and I used to read book after book about them. I sometimes wished I lived at another time when being a seafarer at a ship sailing to faraway continents or being a cowgirl crossing countries on my horse or just living as a travelling trader would be considered… more normal (not sure if it did at any point in history, but that was my idea). I dreamed of one day getting that letter from Hogwarts/find that ring/fall through a mirror and discover that I was part of something bigger.

Needless to say, it did not happen. I had no clue how to become a traveling scientist and explorer of faraway continents and learn all the skills I wanted in the world I was in. I felt weird, like I’d seen through society and couldn’t fit in anymore (I think most of us have that feeling sometimes, so I’m not putting myself above anyone here). 

But I blended in and I did what I thought  I was supposed to. I got started on building a successful career in the field I’d chosen back when I was a confused 20 year old. And I equally liked and needed that at that point, but it wasn’t built on reflection and my own authentic visions. It wasn’t built on what I wanted and aimed for then but on choices I’d done in something that felt like a previous life. But truth is, after only a few years of working I thought it was too late to change. I had a university degree and all, now I just had to go with that career and climd as high as possible, despite feeling like I was climbing the wrong ladder. After a while I started to feel the doubt bubbling within. That tingling feeling I had as a kid that there was more just wouldn’t go away. I finally realised that you don’t get chosen as in those books and movies I loved – you have to chose. And even more so when taking disruptive turns and breaking the boxes of societal norms.

I was too hungry, too multi-faceted and too self-going to fit in in the job I had. I was always restless, I loved learning more, I loved discovering new capabilities and exploring new skills, and within me the truth was revealing itself; I needed to make a big change and it would be HARD, but it was my way. And one day I finally surrendered to the truth that the career path I was on was not for me, and I left. 

I am an unconventional learner, I zigzaged my way to most of what I know. I early discovered that I wanted to learn so much more than most, that I grew restless faster than colleagues and classmates. I always had a bunch of projects going on, I dug deeper into design and web development when I worked in communication, I learned basic programming because I wanted to understand the tools I was using. Technology always intrigued me, and I felt like i couldn’t stand NOT understanding it. It would be like seeing all those books and texts and not being able to read more than the big letters on the cover. Meanwhile, I love working with people and leadership, personal development and bringing people closer (working with such challenges as integration, diversity and inclusion) are also in my biggest interest.

Earlier, I felt like I had to hide my huge interest in people when I worked with technology and design. Or the opposite, hide my inner tech/design-geek when I worked with leadership education, personal development workshops or coaching. I was afraid I would seem too messy, or like I wasn’t honest about my passions. But the more I allowed myself to be it all the more I discovered that most people just squeeze themselves into tiny boxes despite being multifaceted and thereby hiding some of their biggest skills. What a waste! I’m not wasting that I am a multipotentialite anymore. I have many crafts and many passions. Currently, I find my purpose in working with in the interaction of humans and computers, people and technology. And as always, I write. To make a better world for all of us (simple as that!).

I still believe in magic. I see it in the great views from a mountain top or in the bark of an old tree. I feel it in the wind and I smell it from the ocean. It is in the human brain, in the inventions we make, the beauty we create and in community, love and relationships. In vulnerability and in authenticity.

If you want to work/connect with a creative adventurer, go-getter and geek girl on a mission who’s taking her big dreams seriously, don’t hesitate to reach out.

I look forward to hearing from you!