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“The use of direct and noticeable action to achieve a result, usually a political or social one”

/Cambridge dictionary

Activism. Action-driven work (striving) to impact society, to do something and not just speak of it. 

We must reclaim the word and the way. Activists gave us (the majority) the right to work and vote, activists uncovered the dirty secrets of companies and forced them to change, activists stopped colonial slavery and apartheid. Activists are the creators of better futures. We give too much credit to the upholders of current systems when in fact society of today wouldn’t exist if we didn’t throw them over historically. To develop society we must always question it, that’s what we always did. The people we need most are those who always question what is in search of something better. Humankind always strived for utopia and we always got there, but then utopia of before becomes the new normal and we start working toward the next one. Activists always stand out, breaking systems is uncomfortable. You have to choose courage over comfort (and frankly, most people don’t). The opposite of activism is being passive, floating with the stream. Speak up, act out, be disruptive, demonstrate, question.

In what ways are you an activist?

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