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Don’t wish me a happy day. Be my ally.

Don’t wish me a happy day. Be my ally.

Men. We don’t need your greetings we need your contribution. Here’s a list of what you can do:
🔸Ask your female colleagues/classmates what it’s like being a woman in your company/school.
🔸When you see sexist ads/movies etc, email the company and complain.
🔸Talk to your brothers/buddies/sons/male colleagues about masculinity and feminism. Your words will reach people who simply don’t listen to us the same way. That’s why we need allies!
🔸When you see some guy giving a sleazy comment to a girl – speak up to them.
🔸Demand that your female colleagues and partners get the same salary as you. Use your privilege!
🔸Unless you know a woman/girl in person, don’t comment on her looks. It’s more often wrong than right (if you really want to compliment her, do it on her skills, humor, taste etc).
🔸Again and always: Speak up! The fact that you have the choice not to because it’s easier for you is what defines privilege.
🔸Lastly, but maybe most important: Listen. Ask for our stories and really listen. Respect that we have a perspective that you don’t and trust us when we share it.

🙏thank you
for every little thing you do and every time you try, for understanding and listening
I love you.
You are so fucking important.

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